Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home & Nature

American White Pelican (2008)

by moi

Returning from beautiful, snowy Indiana yesterday I immediately turned on my computer to see what went on in my absence. My Inbox was loaded down with all manner of newsy missives, but the most exciting one of all heralded the return of American White Pelicans to my beloved river. Apparently, there are hundreds on the Elk River, which means Pelican Island around Wheeler Dam on the Tennessee River should have No Vacancies. That's where you'll find me later this week. Today, unpack and do laundry. Later this week I'm going on an adventure.

I've been missing nature and my home. While this move has been necessary - I think - a huge chunk of my being has been placed on hold. Instead of nesting I'm perching, poised to fly at the slightest notice. My nesting materials are all neatly boxed up and put away. My soul craves a Home for my heart, surrounded by my rocks and feathers, flotsam and jetsam from travels, beloved books and treasures collected through the years. Comfort in the familiar, gardens to plant and enjoy, making memories for your children, enjoying grandchildren and listening to the stories your children tell, knowing they were happy in their Home. Home is everything, and nature is a huge part of my Home. My heart.

This holiday season has been blissfully quiet and reflective. We bought less, we ate less (well, sorta) and we stressed less. This is the way Christmas is meant to be, but there is still room for improvement. I hope each and every one of you have a wonderfully quiet and safe and Happy New Year.


kendalee said...

Wow! I don't say that very often but wow! Love those Pelican shots!!! What lovely news about the Pelican's return and I so get the need to have your things and your people and your nature around you. I've been a gypsy for a lot of my life (needs must) and generally love the adventure of it, but if I have even a few treasured objects, photographs, books around me I am able to feel so much more at home. I hope you regain this - SO important.

Glad you had a good Christmas and wish you peace and peacefulness for New Year!

kendalee said...

p.s. I'll definitely take in some of the blue moon for you! Will even try to photograph it if possible. :)

Eve said...

Leave some room under your wing for me will ya Debi!
I found myself lost in your words! Happy New Year to you and yours and sounds to me like you're making great plans for adventure!

Eve said...

PS your photo and new header are Magnificent!
Also If you make room under you wing for me you better think big....I didn't eat less this year!


Daniel Spurgeon said...

Great reflective post, Debi. That is good news regarding the White Pelicans. Great shot of one in flight, by the way! I'll be on the lookout for them- maybe that will be one of my holiday weekend projects.

Anonymous said...

Things and food, if we accumulate them, we begin to swell up with the need to digest the things we have been ingesting. They are energy and can only be processed fully if we understand their messages by respecting the energy of the moment. So it is good to fast both with food and material substances to sort out the mind. When the mind is sorted and the garbage is put out to be recycled, then the heart can begin to feel again. But this time, we become more choosey about what we take a bite out of.

I see the white pelican as a powerful symbol. Its a white bird that is big, but knows how to fly well. It fishes upon the river of life where the fish is knowledge. Therefore, your spirit has returned and you want to find your self in Nature and to flow naturally upon the river of life. I look forward to hearing what kind of fish you catch (knowledge).

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I LOVE the shots of the pelicans! Simply gorgeous! I love the header too! You are so blessed to be surrounded by such beauty!
I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Indiana!

Happy New Year!!!

The Garden Ms. S said...

I think an adventure to visit pelicans is a wonderful way to start the new year.

I know what you mean about needing to have your rocks and feathers...I am the same, I keep a bowl of rocks right here on my desk to make me smile.

Wishing you the very best in the New Year :-)

inadvertent farmer said...

Oh my goodness that is an amazing shot!

I am glad you had a peaceful Christmas. I hope the new you brings you peace and blessing galore! Kim

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fantastic photos of the White Pelicans!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


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