Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Front Door

"Mail your packages early so the post office
can lose them in time for Christmas."

Johnny Carson

Perusing the world wide web for humorous quotes about holiday mail service I only found this one. Personally, I've found the postal service, and other delivery services, to be very efficient over the holidays. Shopping online is common in our home for the sheer convenience of sending to family far away and never once has a package arrived late. Well, that's not true. From time to time it's happened - not by fault of the delivery service but of the shopper - me. I tend to procrastinate when I'm not quite sure what I want to give.

While I enjoy the Act of Giving it's only truly special when the gift is absolutely perfect for that person. My husband is the King Of Christmas Eve Shopping, but I can't do that. I collect all year long. When I see THE PERFECT GIFT for that special person I buy it, hide it, and have the joy of expectation for a long time. Heartfelt gift giving doesn't have to cost a lot. In fact, it's best when it doesn't. It's also best when it's very personal to the recipient. For me, it's really more fun when I stumble upon that PERFECT GIFT in a shop and I touch it, feel it, smell it.

The Internet is filled with easy answers to holiday shortcuts. Want a letter to Santa? Download it here! Send your e-holiday-cards - click here! That kind of ticky tacky holiday stuff is just as smarmy as those horrid blow-up Christmas blobs that are showing up everywhere. The Plasticing of Christmas. Christmas Commercialization at its worst. (*Ed Note: IMHO)

Rant aside, I must say that I'm enjoying the peace and tranquility of a Christmas devoid of shopping and planning. The simple greenery smells wonderful, the little star softly glows, the house is quiet, the handmade cards are mailed, all is calm, all is bright.

My wish for you and yours is a soft, peaceful, glowing season of love, laughter and the things that really matter in life. Blessings to all.

P.S. I'll bet you can pick out the banner shot in that last photo!


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

I think the US Postal Service is quite excellent at delivering things in a timely manner. Canada Post, on the other hand, sucks enormously. Small wonder many of us are opting for Amazon, etc in lieu of fighting with them, at least when it comes to buying for someone living elsewhere. My son is in Ottawa so his gifts came from Amazon and from a giftbasket shop in Ottawa that delivers next-day.
I like Jacquie Lawson's E-cards, but I still write a few stamped and mailed realcards, that I buy from a small local store that raises money for solar powered light systems at schools in Uganda. So it pays forward, so to speak.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Very lovely old post office! I like the simplicity of design.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Your comment on the blow up 'blobs' made me smile. The worst thing about them is the fact that nobody seems to keep them regularly inflated - so you have Santa sprawled flat on his face, the Grinch looking like a truck ran over him and polar bears wasting away. Please people, if you are going to use these, keep them inflated - they give me the creeps otherwise!

Now back to happy things - I love these charming images of little humble buildings dressed for Christmas - very heartwarming indeed. :-)

Eve said...

Beautiful photos of a wonderful place Debi. We really are a lot alike in someways!
I'm thinking of you and am ready to get together soon.
Enjoy your peaceful days.

Silver said...

Very lovely wishes .. and enjoyed the pictures!


debsgarden said...

Hello, I just found your blog through Alabama bloggers. I love the name of your site, and I have enjoyed looking at photos you have taken of old buildings. I notice this last post was in December. Hopefully you will continue posting, since I just found you!


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