Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Countdown

Church of Christ
Mooresville, Alabama
Built 1854

This year my family will not be decorating for the holidays. Well, let me be even more specific, I - myself - me - my personage will not be decorating for the holidays. Some greenery may appear on the mantle, perhaps a candle or two but beyond that, nada. I've not taken emotional ownership of the city house and look forward to returning to my house on the lake and the Giraffe Head Tree. I don't think of this as pouting or whining, or even being in denial. Instead, I consider this to be a frugal and energy-saving step on my part. Instead of concentrating on decorations and gift-wrapping my goal this year is to concentrate on the real meaning of the season which has less to do with Santa and gifts and consumerism than with spirit, caring and sharing.

As a child, in my household, it was all about the baby Jesus. It was a time for family, reconnections, reflection, Spirit. The family watched every Christmas movie and special on television together. My favorites were The Little Match Girl and Charlie Brown Christmas. Favorite Christmas Movie? "White Christmas," of course! I still love it! My mom still puts out the same little paper mache creche that adorned our home long ago. My grandfather gave us a set of bubble lights for the tree which, to me, were magical. The entire event was magical. Animals talking at midnight, holiday carols on the little radio playing as the house filled with scents of tangerines, fudge, divinity and pies. Those were special days. When my daughter was younger I pulled forth those memories and tried to recreate them in my own home. She loved it as much as I did. These days she doesn't have time for such "foolishness," and hubby doesn't much like it so I'm going to rest and recuperate and rethink things.

However, I decided this morning that I do need some sort of holiday cheer in some fashion. So, my blog will be my holiday outlet - lucky you! Recently, I took some photos of Mooresville all dressed up with greenery and fruits and bows. I'll post a photo a day, and will head into surrounding burgs to snap more holiday shots to share along with some poetry or prose. I hope you enjoy these as we count down to Christmas.

Merry Christmas, ya'll. (a little southernism to entertain you!)

The Giraffe Head Tree


Eve said...

Oh boy, well this is exciting! Love the new header too. When you head over this way pick me up!! I wanna go!!!

Anonymous said...

You can decorate your insides with the adornments and ornaments of your choosing. This will make you shine like a christmas tree, and is in essence a higher meaning to Christmas. So turn on the colours within and let them shine out into the world. Your blog is certainly a great way to do this.

Gaelyn said...

I think you have the right idea for Christmas. Stay out of the stores and home with family.

The Garden Ms. S said...

That door is perfectly beautiful.

My engagement with different aspects of Christmas has waxed and waned to different degrees over the years according to what was going on in my life. I think Christmas is ultimately in the heart. :)

BTW: Love your new header!


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